ombre cake tutorial

you should know by now that i

1. love cake mixes, so moist and easy

2. love buttercream with shortening

heads up

do not fear the ombre cake, they really are not that hard

give yourself some time, it’s not a do the morning of type of cake. i completed mine over two days which was perfect.

have a lot of dye, you will need it, especially if you do the icing as i did

if you are doing your just as mine you will need, angled spatula, cake turn table (they make icing all cakes so much easier), 1M tip, and lots of icing bags.

get to it

spray however many cake pans you want to bake at a time with flour non-stick spray. (i did 3 at a time, that’s all my oven would fit)

in stand mixer make 1 box cake mix (i used 3 boxes) according to package at a time. separate evenly into 2 bowls. continue with next box and separate into 2 more bowls. (i made the last box while these cakes were cooking)

start by adding a little bit of dye to the first bowl and mix. increase color gradually in each bowl until you have slightly different shades for each bowl.


when you reach desired colors pour each bowl into a separate pan. bake according to directions on package. while cakes are cooking continue to make last remaining mix (if you want 6 layers).

*my cake was only 4 layers tall because that’s all that would fit into the carrier since my cake was traveling. but i did make 6 layers 9 inch rounds, 3 boxed cake mixes. *

let cakes cool in pan for 15 minutes. take cakes out and let completely cool on cooling rack. once cooled wrap in foil and label layer 1, layer 2, etc. and place in freezer overnight.

next day:

prep white buttercream before removing cakes from freezer. i had to make 1 1/2 batches of my favorite buttercream to cover the entire 4 layers.  do not worry about dying icing yet.

once buttercream is ready remove cake 1 layer at a time. remove foil and begin to shape into a circular disc. i cut all 4 sides of the cake, it makes for a more pretty cake if there is no brown cake on any side. continue until all layers are cut into a clean disc.

beginning with the darkest color, place disc on a prepared board and put on top of cake turn table. place prepared buttercream on top and evenly coat. continue until all desired layers are assembled with buttercream in between layers.

dirty ice all assembled layers until entire cake is lightly covered in buttercream.

now you are free to do whatever you’d like to ice the outside. i chose to pipe roses around the exterior. keep reading if you want instructions on how to complete the ombre cake the way i did. if not, you’re done! you’ve successfully completed your first ombre cake, nice job! leave me a comment with your blog and i’ll check it out!


to do the roses i did, you’ll need a 1M tip. i tried to be as resourceful with the icing as possible, so I started with piping the white roses on top. start on the edge and with your tip at a 90 degree angle from the cake start in with the center and go in one circle around the center. continue until top is covered. if there are holes pipe icing to fill.

i only did two shades of blue since i did large roses, but if your cake is taller or you do a smaller rose do as many shades as you want. i started with the lightest shade so i could reuse the icing and just added more dye for the next shade.

that’s it! you’re done! i told you it wasn’t that painful!










now for my favorite part! eat it!!!










share your ombre cakes with me. leave me a comment with your blog or a website with your pics so i can check them out.


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