we talk thai

to say a lot of exciting events took place in the last month and a half would be an understatement. you already know that that boy i coaxed into my life finally decided he was done living a couple of continents away and is back in america for a while! yay!  i know you were […]


first marathon: completed. i enjoyed every minute of it. yes, even at mile 11 when there were absolutely no spectators. even at mile 20 when i thought i had no gas left in the tank. and especially at mile 25 when i knew it was over and all i had to do was jog it in […]

can i be serious with you for a minute?

to all of my internet friends who don’t have the pleasure of dealing/talking/seeing me everyday, my blog is a great representation of me. i’m joking around and having  a good time 98% of the time, but i do have a serious side too. it doesn’t come out too often because i try not to take […]


i told you a photo dump was coming. let’s get right into shall we?  last time i went to visit my girlfriend in richmond, she took me to pearl’s. life changing cupcakes i tell you. well they did it again. this time i went straight for the strawberry margarita with lime buttercream. i know, i’m […]

here we go again

me: “so i entered a chili cook off!” baked spaghetti boy: “oh geez.” that’s the type of support i get. i like him right? i think that question is still up in the air. my office had a chili cook off, and you know that i want to redeem myself  from the not-so-amateur cookie bake […]

sunday funday

sundays really are the best when you don’t have to work the next day! i have managed to pack a lot into 1 day, especially considering i didn’t wake up till until 11:00. how old am i? it involved a lot sleeping, a lot of JT’s new amaze single and it’s taking a lot of sudafed.  i believe […]

southern delicacies: sean & sweet potatoes

in honor of our new hunky bachelor sean… let’s talk southern again. i know i subjected you to a southern delicacy, ok i don’t know if it’s a delicacy but you know what i mean, yesterday with the divinity, but i just have one more. i visited one of my girls in richmond before christmas and went to this AMAZE cupcake shoppe, […]

arlington amateur hour

so as some of you know from my facebook, i’m a real loser. no, like i’m really a loser. as in i entered an amateur cookie bake off…and lost. we’re going to quentin tarantino this and just cut to the chase. 3rd place went to a nutella chocolate chip cookie with sea salt (which was actually made by 2 different girls), 2nd […]