warming up the house

no i didn’t lose my ac like everyone else in dc did last friday with the most random storm. and it took me a while to figure out if i should entitle this “house warming” because some people up here still don’t have ac back, yikes! and i don’t think they appreciate this title either. oh well, my […]

happy 4th of july!

don’t judge, i’m sweating every last ounce of sunscreen off right now at the pool. ugh va beach this is when i miss you the most!!! its only like 100 degrees here in dc! and since I said dc you might be wondering if i will be watching our nation’s capital fireworks (or that might […]

america nails

guess what i’ll be doing all weekend? giving high fives! check out my memorial day weekend nails! my cousin pinned this idea, and it totally works! 3 days of non-stop high fives to show these bad boys off! let it be known, pictures of your fingers, not as pretty as you’d think. happy memorial day […]

boot logic

for some reasons in all the moves i made in my short time in dc i always seem to find a place with ampble closet space. and boy do i need it, between clothes, shoes, baking supplies, and different odds and ends. my closet it where everything always seems to go. a girl that was […]

hats off… to me!

I was recently a date to a backyard wedding, which didn’t sound like the greatest thing. In the reckneck south (where my dad is from) “backyard wedding” means on the porch of your double wide, groom in camo and the reception is a pig pickin’. I was with a couple of the girls going one […]