depression ridding enchiladas

oh wow. didn’t realize it had been over a month since i talked to all of you. didn’t really mean for that to happen, sorry about that faithful friends. i was hanging out with a lot of my readers this weekend, my family, and they reminded me that it had been a while since they […]

weeknights ain’t got nothing on me.

i can’t even right now. the amount of dinners i’ve made in the past month is crazy. seriously, like, every single night. who am i? if you remember correctly i am the girl who was eating string cheese and gold fish for dinner last year. i’ve done a complete 180 since then. baked spaghetti boy […]


oh hey guys! remember me? did you have to do a double take when you saw you had an email from domesticourted in your inbox? i’m pretty sure last summer i took a little bit of a hiteous too. next summer i’ll remind you of this, so you’re not waiting on the edge of your seats […]


this cannot wait. i just made another one of those recipes from the calendar i was telling you about a couple weeks back. this calendar is legit, it’s 2 for 2. and neither of them have been like a meh, okay recipes, they have both been f-ing delicious! granted i did only save like 50/365 […]

i’m becoming so lame

what’s worse than a monday? a rainy monday! gosh dang, this is like the 5th monday in a row it’s been raining. it’s so hard to wake up on mondays already and when its a rainy monday i do everything  to try and avoid getting out of bed. my bed is so warm and comfy […]

home economics

want to see what i had for dinner? of course you don’t do! i know i say this like every time, but this time i mean it, easiest dinner ever! i’ve never said this is my whole life so brace yourselves, i totally wish i had kids right now. (don’t forget to breathe) what on […]

you can’t leave me alone

you know why? because i get bored, and these things happen… who makes homemade fries? that’s annoying. who has time for that? oh i do, clearly. this post, is dedicated to the boys. i need to give myself some credit, i have good number of male followers and one of them confronted me about my […]

here we go again

me: “so i entered a chili cook off!” baked spaghetti boy: “oh geez.” that’s the type of support i get. i like him right? i think that question is still up in the air. my office had a chili cook off, and you know that i want to redeem myself  from the not-so-amateur cookie bake […]