we got a first timer

i had another one of those foot-in-mouth moments. ugh, it happens to me all the time. “oh come over and i’ll make you dinner!” “sure i can make a cake for tomorrow after my 9:00pm soccer game!” no problem! i can do it all! here’s the latest version. court: “what do you want for your […]

new year, new (fill in the blank)

if you live on the east coast or in america, it’s not news to you that it was FREEZING today. it was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and cuddle all day. one of those days when you want to stay home and cook a big pot of chili […]

holiday balls

who doesn’t love a good holiday ball? whether it be a truffle, snow, or ornament, balls are everywhere during the holidays! speaking of those balls, can we talk about the “snow day” that i didn’t have today? we got maybe 2 inches of snow here in the nation’s capital. did they close schools the night […]

pumpkin season

i think i’m a pretty strict person. well i would like to think i’m a pretty strict person. but the more i think about it. i’m not. i mean, i am actually like the biggest pushover. in all facets of my life. one minute i’m all, no, i brought a salad for lunch. next minute […]

happy national homemade cookie day

yeah, that’s really a day. and it’s today! do we really need an excuse to eat a cookie? nope. but did i need an excuse to make them? yep! i told you how all summer i fell into a rut of making things i’ve made over and over so i had nothing to share with you […]

for ending A. a happy ending. keep reading

well, it’s over. i hope you all are happy and that you’ve gotten what you wanted. how could you want summer to be over?! you all were the ones complaining about “how hot it is” and “uh, my ice cream is melting” and “noooo my legs are sticking to my leather seats.” wait, was that […]


oh hey guys! remember me? did you have to do a double take when you saw you had an email from domesticourted in your inbox? i’m pretty sure last summer i took a little bit of a hiteous too. next summer i’ll remind you of this, so you’re not waiting on the edge of your seats […]

when life gives you blueberries… make scones?

y’all, i got it back! i’ve been sweating my big butt off in my little tiny kitchen for the past couple of weeks. i think a lot of it has to do with what we talked about last week, me eating everything in sight. i’ve been cooking dinner up at night, i started making my […]