first marathon: completed. i enjoyed every minute of it. yes, even at mile 11 when there were absolutely no spectators. even at mile 20 when i thought i had no gas left in the tank. and especially at mile 25 when i knew it was over and all i had to do was jog it in […]


oh hey guys! remember me? did you have to do a double take when you saw you had an email from domesticourted in your inbox? i’m pretty sure last summer i took a little bit of a hiteous too. next summer i’ll remind you of this, so you’re not waiting on the edge of your seats […]

brides, bachelorettes and well, more brides

“court what have you been up to?” bakin! no, not bacon, bakin! i’ve had a string of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings. so you’re going to see lots and lots of pink. which is fine, because i love pink! so since i’ve been doing all this i’ve basically planned my whole wedding. you know […]

stale bread never tasted so good

remember that time i grossed you out ? i hope the only recipe that came to mind was the SPAM grilled cheese. i mean, it even grosses me out still. well i’m going to gross you out again. not with a recipe though, this recipe was actually amazing! the gross part is that i ate […]


oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. don’t tell me who he picks. i had a stupid soccer game so i have no idea who sean chooses yet. and 3 hours, really?!?! cut the crap and just pick one!!! for the finale, i thought i would give you all a little surprise… a […]

oh hey valentines day!

this time last year you gave me my biggest day ever!!! i had the most page views to date, i hope you help me do that again this year! what’s funny about that is all you sexy ladies (and a few manly men) all have your own valentines, why weren’t you loving up on on them? i hope it’s […]

froyo connoisseur

i couldn’t wait for you all any longer. i said i wanted to try out the new froyo spot by my house and y’all kept draggin your feet, so i went without you. sorry. i had two excuses for why today was the perfect today to try the place out, i had the most awkward encounter EVER today (not at the froyo place) […]

sunday funday

sundays really are the best when you don’t have to work the next day! i have managed to pack a lot into 1 day, especially considering i didn’t wake up till until 11:00. how old am i? it involved a lot sleeping, a lot of JT’s new amaze single and it’s taking a lot of sudafed.  i believe […]