about court

hi you!

thanks for checking out my blog. this blog was made just for you. no seriously it was! everything on here is pretty simple and if i can do it, you can too. if you can’t tell i’m just a regular girl who loves to bake, cook, and get creative.

i’m from va beach and moved to our nation’s capital to live out my dream of selling event sponsorships! eer, maybe not my dream, but i do love it! when i’m not selling sponsorships i’m running, playing soccer, and getting down and dirty in the kitchen. i’ve been fortunate enough to find a large pool of taste testers who keep me on my toes and help me eat all of my goodies!

please try all my recipes and drop me a comment and help me become a baker. this blog is seriously for you (and i guess to help me keep all of my recipes organzied!) so get in the kitchen and get messy! you might get a little flour on your face and smoke in the kitchen, but at least you get to lick the icing off your fingers!

i love you as much as you love me so make sure you subscribe to my blog and don’t miss a single recipe and so i can follow you too! thanks again for checking out my blog!

court   : D



  1. jeanette - adrienne's mm says:

    You are an incredible young lady.,… I LOVE your recipes and will try a few !!
    Good luck with this blog, i think you will be famous one day.

    • mama blaylock! i’m sorry i didn’t respond earlier. thank you thank you thank you for reading my blog. all of my friends that eat any of my food would ask me for my recipes so i thought i would make a place where i could share them with my friends or whoever wanted them for that matter! i love baking and cooking and trying new things and i never thought anyone would care but apparently they do!
      i’m sad i’m not going to make it down to richmond for the caa tournament this year but i’ll be there in spirit. thank you again for following my blog and if you ever find a recipe you think would be a good one send it on over!

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