weeknights ain’t got nothing on me.

i can’t even right now.

the amount of dinners i’ve made in the past month is crazy. seriously, like, every single night. who am i? if you remember correctly i am the girl who was eating string cheese and gold fish for dinner last year. i’ve done a complete 180 since then. baked spaghetti boy “moved in” with me right after christmas. and i say “move in” because he’s basically in a holding pattern for a month or two or three while he waits to get a big boy place of his own, and he’s operating out of 1 suitcase. i know. can you imagine wearing the same 10 outfits over and over and over?!?! NO. exactly! so he lives with me, but not really.food dump


i’ve had to change my whole eating habits because baked spaghetti boy is not eating string cheese and a fiber 1 brownie. oh no. instead i’m making something that is 4 servings and having zero leftovers, and you know i’m not eating 2 servings. the boy is a dumpster. the grocery bill has gone from $100/month to more like $500/month. i think $300 of that is just meat and then the rest is in chocolate covered donuts and double stuffed oreos. UGHHHH why am i dating someone with the metabolism of a 13 year old boy?! it sure isn’t being spent on vegetables or fruit, i get this weird look/stair when i mention that food group. so like with all little kids, i have to sneak them in.

but i love baked spaghetti boy! not because he watches (and enjoys) the bachelor with me, or because he pushes me out of bed at 6:00am so i’ll run in the freezing weather to train for my next race, no i love him because he likes everything i make! you would think i was making a five star meal every night. nope, just tortellinis here, enchiladas there, it’s all so easy. i love it! i am now the queen of the weeknight meal!

weeknight meals

i was going to blog about each one, but my pictures are starting to pile up. (by the way, i apologize for all my crummy pictures, but studios don’t allow for great night photos.) i was so worried about being domesticated, but i’ve so got this. if i can work a full day and have dinner on the table that he actually likes, it’s a win in my book!

oh and breakfast for dinner, totally counts. who doesn’t want french toast for dinner?!

spaghetti fritters

tilapia with long grain rice and garlic green beans

buffalo chicken flat breads

nacho average weeknight nacho

french toast with bananas

spicy sausage pasta

tortellini carbonara

chicken meatball subs

nailed it!



  1. hah, that’s awesome! sounds like you’re having a great time whipping up dinner. I love cooking too.

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