holiday balls

who doesn’t love a good holiday ball?cookie dust

whether it be a truffle, snow, or ornament, balls are everywhere during the holidays! speaking of those balls, can we talk about the “snow day” that i didn’t have today? we got maybe 2 inches of snow here in the nation’s capital. did they close schools the night before? yep. did the government shut down (AGAIN?!)? yep. (are those fools ever going to work?!) did court go to work? yep. what the heck?! i guess that’s what happens when you work for the “media” because you know, sales is media! you’re welcome DC for staying open so you all could get your business news and i could try and sell you an ad! love you! but it was seriously the weakness snow day. since no one had to work except me there was no traffic and no snow on the road. we got a tiny bit of snow. and by 3:00 the sun was out and shining and the snow was gone. done. goodbye snow. inner balls

now that i got that out of my system, because it was bothering me all day…

actually i got something else on my mind that’s bothering me. i must talk about this during christmas too. real christmas trees. really? i grew up in an artificial tree house and let me tell you, they just make sense. all of you weirdos planning a whole saturday, going out to farms, cutting your own tree, hauling it on top of your sedan, driving home like an idiot so it stays on top of your sedan, setting it outside of your house to wait for it to dry, taking 30 minutes to get it positioned just right in the stand, waiting hours for the branches to fall, then finally finally putting ornaments on it. just to have to take it down in approximately three weeks before it dies. i don’t get you people.

samoa balls

artificial trees (pre-lit, it’s really the only way top go): on a monday night after you’re tired from work, take it out of the box in your attic/closet, place the top on the base, plug in the lights, put on ornaments, sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail, and it lasts until your lazy ass wants to take it down! oh wait, you want that christmas tree smell? light yourself a yankee candle pine tree candle. boom. done.

artificial tree – 1, real tree – 0.

plus don’t even get me started if you have animals.  it’s no surprise i’m ocd, so the whole thought of needles everywhere and all of those steps listed above make me want to die. if future mr. confections has to have a real tree he’s going to have to do a real good job of selling it to me. and don’t forget future mr. confections, i’m in sales. good luck! finished balls

so you want to know about my balls? sick. i’m a 14 year old boy, i know!

some of my usual taste testers told me after they tried these balls “best thing you’ve ever made” and others made comments, that well, i can’t repeat on my blog. remember i try to keep it pg rated on here. these balls are samoa truffles. they encompass everything you love about the seasonal girl scout cookies. coconut, shortbread, and milk chocolate. they’re so easy you can throw these together in time for that last minute tacky christmas sweater party you just got invited to. ouch.

samoa truffles (adapted from chef in training)

1 package vanilla cream sandwiches (like golden oreos)

4 oz cream cheese

1/4 cup sweetened coconut

1/4 cup caramel topping

10 oz milk chocolate baking chocolate

1/4 cup sweetened coconut, toasted

place sandwiches in a food processor and pulse until you have fine crumbs. in medium mixing bowl place crumbs, add cream cheese, coconut, and caramel topping. mix with hands until you have a large completely mixed ball. roll into 1 pinch ball and place on wax paper tray. put in freezer for at least 15 minutes.

while balls are setting in freezer  heat chocolate according to package. remove balls from freezer and dip one ball at a time in melted chocolate. tap to remove excess chocolate and return to tray. working quickly top with toasted coconut. cover remaining balls and return to freezer to set chocolate.

makes: 24-30 truffles


samoa truffles

what cookies, sweets are you making for the holidays?!



  1. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the taste tester if these said balls. Yum yum!

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