we talk thai

to say a lot of exciting events took place in the last month and a half would be an understatement.

you already know that that boy i coaxed into my life finally decided he was done living a couple of continents away and is back in america for a while! yay!  i know you were all forced to read about this little run i went for! and i promise to not bore you with more running insights for like another year! what you don’t know is that i took a little trip across the water to phuket, thailand!

it was amazing!

the 25 hour flight, could have done without all of that. but everything else about the country was awesome! i got to swim in the indian ocean, climb up a waterfall, kayak around islands that are literally straight out of movies, sleep with geckos (not really one of the highlights, but still pretty cool), white water raft, eat so much thai food and sticky rice i thought i was going to pop, spend a whole week with just me and my favorite traveling partner, and my favorite favorite favorite part… got to ride on an elephant!

i won’t bore you with all of the details, but i did want to share some of my pictures!



IMG_7541 IMG_7470 IMG_7559

Thailand 085

Thailand 090

Thailand 096     Thailand 157Thailand 165Thailand 184Thailand 195

Thailand 145

next week i promise to get back to posting on food.

how sick are you of me not talking about food?!


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