first marathon: completed.

i enjoyed every minute of it. yes, even at mile 11 when there were absolutely no spectators. even at mile 20 when i thought i had no gas left in the tank. and especially at mile 25 when i knew it was over and all i had to do was jog it in for the last 1.2 miles.

my family, who are regular marathon spectators, and baked spaghetti boy proved to be the worst cheerers. i had to find them along the route and point myself out to get them to cheer for me. my friends made the best signs ever! like “hurry up and finish so we can start drinking. (nevermind we already started)” and “don’t stop courtney, people are watching you!”

as i rounded the finish line after climbing up a hill, i heard one of my friends yell my name and threw up some punches in the air, rocky style! i crossed the finish line and received my medal from a uniformed marine. as i walked up to meet my family and saw a whole group of my friends i let it all out and started balling! it was all worth it! i wouldn’t change a thing.

one down, how many more to go? i don’t know, but it’s definitely not going to be the only marathon i run. i’m hooked!

for those of you who couldn’t make it, good news, i’ll be running one again! thanks to all of you who texted, wrote on my facebook wall, emailed, called, i appreciated it all. and to those of you who spent your sunday watching me jog around a bunch of memorials, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!  you helped me get through all the miles and i’ll never forget that!

until the next one…

38th mcm



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