for ending A. a happy ending. keep reading

well, it’s over.


i hope you all are happy and that you’ve gotten what you wanted.

how could you want summer to be over?!

you all were the ones complaining about “how hot it is” and “uh, my ice cream is melting” and “noooo my legs are sticking to my leather seats.”

wait, was that me? shoot. i do this every summer.

i’m all complainy in the summer and then i get an email that it’s “psl time” and then i get all complainy about how i wasted my summer. i can’t win. i really can’t.

jalapeno chedda

this end-of-summer was by far the worse though. it was like a total strike out for me. summer is over, baked spaghetti boy went back to the other side of the world, AND and and and, i ran a stupid half marathon and almost collapsed from heat exhaustion. now why would i schedule summer to go out like that? dumb.

silver lining… summer’s really not over for me! you know my family loves to go to florida AFTER summer!!! they’re so smart! i am nothing like them! baked spaghetti will be back to the americas in less 6 weeks!!! and i have one more half marathon before shit gets real for my full marathon in october (gulp).

savory loaf

looks like things are on the up and up over here after all!

want something else to put you in a good mood and is the perfect transition between summer and fall? jalapeno cheddar bread. it’s hot and fiery like summer but warm and cozy like fall! i found it through the blog i love  through one of her currently crushing post and i have to say, i want to be best friends with this guy too! i GOL (giggle out loud) multiple times when i read it. i want to be funny like him.

this bread is not super loafy, it’s more biscuity just like he says. so if you want a panera jalapeno cheddar loaf, well you’re just going to have to go to panera, BUT if you want a more dense delicious spicy bread, make this oneloafity loaferson

OR  if you want a hit or miss, random hiatus taking blog, keep reading mine!


you have 2 more weeks. let’s close this out the right way!




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