i told you a photo dump was coming. let’s get right into shall we? rva #2

last time i went to visit my girlfriend in richmond, she took me to pearl’s. life changing cupcakes i tell you. well they did it again. this time i went straight for the strawberry margarita with lime buttercream. i know, i’m thinking the same thing, stop it. and the rainbow sugar around it? there’s nothing better than a little bit of a crunch with a cupcake. can i replicate these? i don’t know. but you can bet your little butt on it i’m going to try!

she also took me to a cidery. now, everyone and i mean everyone makes fun of me for being the lamest and drinking cider. well jokes on you all because cider is taking over the beer aisle! i’m going to tell everyone that i’m gluten free and that’s why i drink it. but really it’s because i just love the taste of a malt apple juice! we went to blue bee. go there, you’ll fall in love with courtney, the owner’s dad. he’s great and adorable! oh and that shark in there. it had a shot of rum in it. hello shark week!chitown food

i went to chicago at the end of july to visit one of my old roommates and to apparently eat everything in sight. the whole way home i cried to my bestie that i thought i was going to die from a food coma. pretty sure i’m still in it. we were told to try out lou malnati’s for deep dish. it was out of this world. so much cheese, so much sauce, so much meat. what else could you ask for?! beats gino’s and giordano’s. deep dish is reason enough for me to move to chicago, of course we were going to get garrett’s and our girlfriend also brought us to this sweet little neighborhood cupcake spot, sweet mandy b’s. all you need to know, cookies & cream cupcake. just go there and do it. chitown spots

we also thought we would do some touristy stuff too while we were there, so we did “the ledge” at the wills’ tower. kind of terrifying. a suspended glass box on the 103rd floor. yeah, scary. and reason #2 why i’m not moving to chicago anytime soon, it was in the 60s. in the middle of july. no thank you. i like hot and humid! but not florida hot and humid. more like virginia hot and humid!mother's daughter

i also realized july 4th weekend, i am my mother’s daughter because of those things. she made 4th of july jello shooters. yes she took the time to make layers, yes she did red and blue jello with whipped cream on top, yes she’s the bomb. mom, i hate to admit it, but i’m just like you. i can already see myself years from now separating the m&m’s to get just the school colors out. i’m going to be awesome. bsb 4ever

baked spaghetti boy is home again, just long enough to realize that i’m a complete loser with no life and that yes, maybe he should go back to the other side of the world to escape me. well too bad for him because i think we’re going to make it. why? because he told me months prior to his arrival that i need to have cinnamon toast crunch treats made when he got home. done. if the way to his heart is through baked goods, we’re going to be just fine! can i start a lawnmower, make a steak, or drive anywhere without getting lost? no. can i bake him anything he wants? yes! baked spaghetti boy + domesticourted = 4ever!  so elementary school, so appropriate!  alaska salmon

lastly, my office wife who is a total BA (bad ass) went on a 4 day fishing trip in alaska and brought me back the largest salmon filet to date that she caught. i had to wrangle up an army to help me eat this thing and i still had leftovers. lesson learned: fresh caught salmon > frozen salmon filet from wegmans. step up you game wegmans. step up your game.  she still has 450 lbs of salmon and halibut from the trip. what does one do with that much fish? that’s a lot of fish sticks.

photo dump complete. you’re welcome. you can move from the edge of your seat now!


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