oh hey guys!

salt water taffy

remember me? did you have to do a double take when you saw you had an email from domesticourted in your inbox? i’m pretty sure last summer i took a little bit of a hiteous too. next summer i’ll remind you of this, so you’re not waiting on the edge of your seats for a post from me. because you all are. right? right! so much froyo

the break has not been from a lack of cooking/baking, that sure hasn’t stopped. it has more to do with the fact that i keep being boring and make the same things over and over again and being so hungry that i don’t have the patience to stop and arrange things to make a pretty picture out of it. it’s basically out of the oven and directly into my mouth. i don’t even wait for it to cool, it’s straight to the face every time. i’m attractive i know, you don’t even have to tell me.

i had my little tiny baby cousin, who decided it was ethically okay to get engaged before her older cousin, over with her 2 other bridesmaids for a little get together and so i could tell her how rude it was to get engaged before me. forget the fact that they had been dating for years and i’ve been dating baked spaghetti boy for like 1 month, still rude. they waited for like 5 years to get married what’s another 5? i’m so glad you all agree with me on this! dunkin problems

i made these three adorable girls my little guinea pigs for somethings i’ve been wanting to try. do i have pictures of any of that stuff? no. why would i have taken pictures?! it’s not like i have a blog that people read and like to see pictures of things i’ve been making. i should be kicked in the shins for stuff like this, i swear. they all loved everything and when 22 year old chicks like something, it’s worth blogging about!

Bride Reprimanding and Bridesmaids Loving Luncheon Menu

appeteazer – jalapeno popper dip (have made it twice since then) this dip dominates the over-played buffalo chicken dip. it’s seriously delicious and taste just like a jalapeno popper. well played tablespoon, well played.

main course – crock pot pulled chicken – i have come to the conclusion, i don’t like bbq chicken. i would much rather have pulled chicken covered in frank’s red hot. you already know i put that $%!& in everything! but the bbq didn’t stop me from eating all 6 servings of leftovers, covered in franks, duh. i don’t waste food.

sides – bacon and apple cole slaw – i pretty much only eat my dad’s coleslaw and even after 27 years i’m still trying to figure out if i like it or i’m just eating it because he likes it so much i feel like i should to. i clearly have dad issues. this recipe is not however his, although i do wish my dad had a blog called ghetto foodie! being from the south i thought we needed coleslaw with bbq sandwiches and i found this one i thought could convert me. it helped! but i’m still not there yet. all the girls really liked this one though!

sweet potato fries – just the standard frozen ones from traders joe’s. my loves!

dessert – spice cupcake with caramel buttercream – yes i actually do have a picture of this one!!! remember that wedding cake i told you about that had the best icing? that was my inspiration for the cupcakes. definitely didn’t even come close to the crack that was on the wedding cake, probably because i just can’t morally come to put 6 sticks of butter in icing. yeah, look up martha stewart’s caramel buttercream, we’re talking 6 sticks of butter. even running 30 miles a week i can’t do that. let alone know i am feeding people something that has that much butter in it. i have morals too you know. spice cake with caramel buttercream

overall lunch was a success, even though i still don’t think my cousin feels the least bit bad about getting married before me. kids these days.

now look for a complete condiment photo dump from me this week. i may not have taken pictures of the above items, but i’ve taken a ton of pictures of other random stuff. plus i need to tell you about my trip to richmond, va and that goddamn delicious cupcake shop and what kinds of cupcakes they are making now, my trip to chicago and what a dumpster i was that weekend, why i am my mother’s daughter, why baked spaghetti boy and i are definitely going to make it and lastly tell you what i did with the 12 lb filet of salmon my office wife caught in alaska. yeah, my friends are hardcore like that.

i know you’re getting excited about my next post. big stuff coming up!



  1. I think you did an excellent job on the luncheon, judging by the menu and the reactions and the photo of the cupcakes! Give yourself a pat on the back!

  2. Thanks for including my Ghetto Foodie Coleslaw…Great post..Cheers


  1. […] me that it had been a while since they got an email from me. my family was in town for that rude cousin of mine’s bridal shower. yeah, she’s still going ahead with the wedding, after […]

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