they’re brilliant!

holy crap i’ve been lazy.

butter cubes!

my days consist of running, working, eating lame dinners, catching up on the dvr, sleeping, wake up, repeat. oh and if it’s saturday or sunday add a couple hours at the pool to that mix!

we’re in the dog days of summer.  i love hot weather. what i do not like, humidity. in virginia, that’s no joke. ohmygosh it’s so dang hot here. after running then going to work or the pool i want nothing more than to sit around and sip on a nice cold margarita OR the new stella cidre. its like my favorite thing ever right now! doughy sconey

with all this running i’ve been doing in 90 degree weather with 99% humidity, i’m going to be honest with you, i’m losing a lot of water. which means i’m hungry all. the. time. as in, i can’t eat enough food. i’m a walking dumpster. if there is food in front of me its in my mouth in under 1 second. uh, if you follow me on insta you can see all the junk i’m piling in there. it’s seriously out of control. burgers, mac n’cheese,veggies (huh veggies? what’s a veggie?) bbq, and ice cream, i want it all. i also get weird cravings. like cravings for scones? who am i?

almost ready

let me explain where the scones came from. something else you should know about me. i’m kinda sorta obsessed with the tour de france. just a little bit though. who’s my favorite rider? chris froome. who is from great britain. every time they interview him, i could die. uh that accent. after his interviews i like to pretend that i’m british too! yeah, i’m every guy’s dream right?! somewhere between his british accent and all the french pastries (yeah i know, scones aren’t french. leave me alone) i think of when i watch the tour, its just really had me jones’n!

cool scones

this was my first attempt at a scone and i’m going to be honest with you, they were pretty good. cakier than a store bought scone but still melt in your mouth delicious! *in your best british accent* they were quite brilliant! scones

hit the spot banana chocolate chip scones

i used the exact recipe from my girl at how sweet it is. if you’re not following her yet, jokes on you. you’re really missing out. chocolate chip banana scones

escape the heat. grab a cidre, turn on the oven and whip these bad boys up!



  1. Hey Domesticourt… I first want to say how truly honored I was to receive a sample of these delicious scones. I felt like a tween getting retweeted by Justin Beiber. (yeah I was that excited). The scones were really truly scrumptious (say it with an accent…see what I did there) I tried to savor them, but ended up devouring them in about 3 seconds, so thank you. I do have an actual cooking question this week, I made some yellow fin fillets last night to put over a salad they turned out alright, but the fillets were drowned out by the salad. I used a honey teryaki marinade and an herb and garlic seasoning. Do you have any suggestions to make the flavor pop a little bit more?


  1. […] think a lot of it has to do with what we talked about last week, me eating everything in sight. i’ve been cooking dinner up at night, i started making my […]

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