y’all are great! you have helped me have two HUGE days on here! keep tellin people to read all about my food! (and er, life?)

but unfortunately i haven’t made anything worth posting. wha wha i know. i have however, been snapping a ton of pics and i need to share them with you. remember because you care! plus i need to show you a goofy pic of my family. those whorley’s are cray!

spa day

uh our jobs are so hard, we had to have a spa day at the four seasons. instead of going to work!


weekly fro-yo run! this one was a little boring. where were the fruity pebbles?!?!

rain rain go away

story of my life, storms every weekend. it’s really starting to cramp my pool time.

single status

this is what a weeknight dinner looks like when you’re in the single lane. pretty sure i made fun of pizza on english muffins like yesterday?

tparty of 1

it’s hard to not feel awkward drinking by yourself when you live by yourself. sooo, you just have to call someone and skype with them and then you’re not drinking alone. but he’s not drinking. still awkward now that i think of it.

nkotb 2013

nkotb for my sister’s birthday. yes we sang. yes we danced. yes we screamed. we had a blast! they still got it too!


a couple of my cousins graduated from high school, so we celebrated with them in north carolina! jello shots all around!

bad decisions

did i eat a whole pizza by myself over the weekend? yes, i think i did.

god i love condiments! i’m having a rough go right now without my main condiment. y’all please cheer me up and tell me what your favorite condiment is. ketchup? your dog? wine? sunscreen? tell me, make my day!


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