home economics

want to see what i had for dinner?cilantro

of course you don’t do!

i know i say this like every time, but this time i mean it, easiest dinner ever! i’ve never said this is my whole life so brace yourselves, i totally wish i had kids right now. (don’t forget to breathe) what on earth would make me say that?! because i would totally be the best soccer mom right now. this meal has soccer mom written all over it. you drop the kids off at practice, come home grill some chicken, cut it into cubes, go pick up the kids from soccer, turn on the oven, make the kids shower,  throw the chicken in the oven and bam, dinner is served. court = #1 future soccer mom!

such a soccer mom

that being said, why is it that i’m so creative and patient when it comes to baking but when there’s meat involved i’m like, huh? where’s the oven? what are spices? you cook that thing for how long? i’m so dumb. this is why baked spaghetti boy better hurry on back so i can eat a proper steak again and a piece of chicken that doesn’t resemble jerky.

i must have missed that day in “home ec” which by the way does that even exist still? and who takes it? last time i checked, pizza on a english muffin didn’t really pass as “dinner” around these here parts. and sewing? raise your hand if you still know how to sew? the only thing these fingers are sewing is a button, and they make you tube videos for that now. seriously, what is the point of that class now? if you have kids taking it now, please drop me a comment on your feelings towards it. one of those feelings better be “an easy A”!cheese antchilada chicken

i remember taking it in middle school and there were all of 2 boys in it. all the boys were in “shop” we’ll get to that one another night. but what are they teaching these kids? that girls need to learn how to sew and cook? it’s 2013, what these kids need to be learning is how to create a blog so you can share your self taught baking skills with the world and not have people judge you for your lack of html skills. OR a real life skill like how to change your tire when you get a flat. OR how to fix your toilet when it stops flushing properly.  these are real life skills that people really need. not heating up a piece of bread or sewing a pillow case. and girls have actual jobs now, oohh ahhh.


if this class must exist still, please take my suggestions into consideration, these are coming from a real 20 something who has a life and paid attention in that class 14 year ago. *gulp* now go pick up your kids from soccer and make them this for dinner!

soccer mom cheesy enchilada chicken

1 lb chicken breast

2 tbsp taco seasoning


1/2 cup enchilada sauce

1 tsp garlic powder

4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese


2 tbsp ranch dressing

coat chicken taco seasoning on both sides. cook chicken on grill until almost completely cooked, about 7 minutes. heat oven to 350 degrees and spray 8×8 dish.

cut chicken into cubes and place in the bottom of 8×8. sprinkle with salt to taste. cover with enchilada sauce and toss to coat evenly. sprinkle with garlic and cheese. place in oven for 15-20 minutes.

remove from heat and top with cilantro and ranch. serve immediately.

serves: 4

cheesy enchilada chicken

home economic teachers, please teach these girls how to cook a steak for goodness sake!



  1. Adrienne says:

    Yum yum!

  2. Mrs. L :) says:

    I’m a family and consumer science teacher. Yes, home economics still exists but it’s not called that anymore. Now we teach meal planning, nutrition, budgeting/financial planning, interior design, sewing, child development, and parenting, In my foods classes, I typically have more male students than female. In some middle schools, FACS is required, but usually in high schools it is an elective. Some of our programs, like sewing, are geared towards career paths like fashion design or merchandising. I would say gone are the days of making pizzas on english muffins but there are still some old school teachers who do that. Our belief is that all students need to learn how to live independently. It’s certainly not just for girls anymore and hasn’t been that way in decades!


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