you know what you need in life? condiments.

where would the hot dog be without ketchup and mustard? barbecue without, the well, barbecue sauce?  veggies without ranch? and if you’re me, chicken fingers without honey mustard? i love condiments. i can dip just about anything. and i mean, a hot dog would be fine, but when you put ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish on top of it? ohmygosh so much better.

side note: baked spaghetti boy, doesn’t like condiments. what?!?! do you think this is going to work out? yet when we were participating in the “newlywed game” in key west, you know because we’re newlyweds and all (we are not people. but we were invited to play and we’re not ones to turn down a good time) i got asked the question “what would he put on his hot dog” i said, “nothing.” and he looked at me like i was crazy and said “ketchup and mustard, duh!” really? because last time i checked you HATED condiments, and wanted to vomit at the thought of them. UGH. would you believe me if i told you we won the newlywed game? against 3 other couples who were all married? i know, i couldn’t believe it either!

in short, you don’t need condiments but they sure do compliment things and make life so much better! don’t you agree? so my condiment posts are going to be the things that i don’t need to share with you, but you’d be missing some important things in my life if i didn’t post it. plus i’m one of those obnoxious people that take way too many pictures with my iphone and if you’re not following me on instagram you’re missing them! if you are following me on insta, sorry you’ve probably seen all these before!


another one of my favorite things! thank you dunkies for helping me get through everyday and the below pictures

animal morge

some dead animals at one of my events last week

best places

a before/after shot from one of the events i help put on at work. my last event before i start my new position, today!


after an event of that size, this is what my dinner was. it’s fruit, protein, and sugar. complete balanced meal!foster

foster, my sister’s dog, laying around over the weekend

isn’t it crazy that my condiment doesn’t like condiments?! oh well, at least he likes my baking! what’s your favorite condiment(s)?


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