brides, bachelorettes and well, more brides

“court what have you been up to?”cupcakes

bakin! no, not bacon, bakin!

i’ve had a string of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings. so you’re going to see lots and lots of pink. which is fine, because i love pink! so since i’ve been doing all this i’ve basically planned my whole wedding. you know because i’m getting married and all. have i since created a secret wedding board on pinterest? no. have i watched more “say yes to the dress” episodes than usual? never. have i compared the wedding i haven’t had to everyone else’s i’ve been to lately? come on, why would i do that?

whew good thing i haven’t done any of those things. that would be so weird. and if there is one thing i’m not, it’s weird. pink champagne cupcakes

i’m officially at that age where everyone is starting to get married. we’re talking i’ve already had 4 weddings in 2013! so i’m going to tell you a little bit about 3 and compare them. because i can, because i’ve been to so many weddings  i’m basically an expert. and because you care, and i know you care because you’re reading my blog, which means you have to care about what i think, so you care! good, glad that’s out of the way!

i went to the nicest wedding i’ve ever been to in january, it was one of the national’s players and their cake was to. die. for. the baker they got it from charges $10/slice, what?!?! it was beautiful and 6 tiers, and the best cake i think i’ve ever had, but let’s face it, i’ll never have that cake. at the beginning of april i went to a wedding at the naval academy and her cake had about the best icing i’ve ever tasted, it was a caramel buttercream and ugh, i can’t even talk about it. this past weekend’s wedding had a gorgeous cake, it was one of my favorites, ombre!!!

barbie cake

which one was my favorite? yeah right! two of those girls read my blog, and i value their friendships too much. i ain’t no dummy! what will my cake look like? who knows, haven’t thought about it. or have i?

my favorite thing i baked i couldn’t show you, my mother said it was inappropriate, and we wouldn’t want to embarrass the mother now would we? but they were cookies in the shape of “rockets” see where i’m going with that? and my second favorite thing i baked was this amazing drunk barbie cake for a bachelorette party. they’re all the rage right now and i think for my first, i did pretty well. drunk barbie

now taking orders!

the super hot pink cupcakes are a pink champagne cupcake, and there were so yummy, follow cocomi’s recipe. i used her salted buttercream, didn’t love, so maybe put your own buttercream on top! cupcake

and btw, this is my 100th post! happy 100th post court!



  1. Hi,

    If you don’t mind me asking, what tip did you use for the chocolate cupcakes in the first pic of this page? Or maybe what frosting technique did you use? I would really appreciate it. Thanks


  1. rude. – says:

    […] yes i actually do have a picture of this one!!! remember that wedding cake i told you about that had the best icing? that was my inspiration for the cupcakes. definitely didn’t even come close to the crack […]

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