throwback thursday: final cooking edition

after tonight’s throwback thursday, i’m going back to baking.spam i am

if i haven’t lost you yet to my throwback thursdays, i surely will lose you tonight. i mean after you saw that picture you probably 1. left my site 2. threw up a little bit 3. kept reading only to see if i threw up. the answer, almost.

someone had brought up SPAM and a lightbulb went off! my mom use to make SPAM pretty regularly going up and i… liked it. i saw it in the grocery store when i was getting my weekly can of tuna, and said “oh what the hell, let’s do it!” my mom use to serve it fried with like a side of green beans, nothing fancy. i couldn’t do that, i had the thought of putting it between 2 thick slices of french smothered in cheese and classed up with some avocado and tomato. perfect! far from it.spamwich

the smell of the SPAM frying in the pan, was kind of delicious at first because it made me think of home. once cooked, i assembled my suped-up grilled cheese, so excited to sink my teeth into my masterpiece. well jokes on me. i haven’t made many grilled cheese in my time, i use to when i was little. my bff whit would come over and we would make the standard grilled cheeses, but i’ve really lost my touch. the cheese never seems to melt on mine, but that was not my problem with this mound of grilled cheese. i don’t know if you’ve ever tried to flip this much “stuff” but i can’t even tell you how i did it.

when i finally thought i had the green light on melted cheese, i practically burnt my fingers shoveling this thing into my mouth. first bite was amazing, crispy bread, melted cheese, cooler tomato and avocado and then i tasted the SPAM. boy was that thing SALTY! and not like salty-best-thing-in-the-world potato chips. like salt overload SALTY. i had to remove the SPAM it was so bad.oh spam

result: lots of SPAM in my trashcan. lots of grilled cheese consumed, a lingering smell of SPAM in my apartment. just all around, not good.

i do not remember it ever being that salty and i even bought the “low sodium” kind. so i’m retiring my throwback thursday cooking. i need some throwback baked goods, because my stomach and taste buds can’t handle it anymore. grilled cheeseand you’re never going to guess what i did. i signed up for a chili cookoff. do you smell redemption? i sure as heck do. results posted next week. pray for me. please. you know what it’s like around here when i lose.



  1. […] traditional chili.” since when have i done anything traditional? have you seen my spam and cheese? coconut banana bread? or buffalo mac’n cheese?!?! ugh, i am never going to win a food […]

  2. […] hope the only recipe that came to mind was the SPAM grilled cheese. i mean, it even grosses me out still. well i’m going to gross you out again. not with a […]

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