not so standard oatmeal cookies

is it bad that i kind of want to watch DWTS?! stock o cookies

dancing with the stars people, get with it. i mean i would only be watching because of sean. but if i do then baked spaghetti boy is going to stop believing that i don’t have a crush on sean and that i only watching the bachelor because… i like sean as a person? alright fine, i’ll just read about it tomorrow on, nbd.

speaking of baked spaghetti boy! when he was here i made him some of my staples that i hadn’t made for him before. duh, what kind of girlfriend am i? i made him one of my crowd faves, caramel corn, add another fan to that recipe! and while at the grocery store i asked “what about oatmeal cookies?” and i got the standard “sure.” wow, let’s not get too excited here?!?! so i made my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which i have also not shared with you either, even though i made them all. the. time. how rude!oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

potbelly’s makes these cookies, and they are to. die. and i think this recipe is pretty close! it’s so stinkin  silly, but the like BEST oatmeal cookie recipe is right on the cap of the quaker oats container. seriously. it’s the best recipe. i just substitute chocolate chips for the raisins (blah, boring) and boom, amaze cookies!

baked spaghetti boy took one bite, and said “these are good!” oh yay, look he has emotions after all! followed with “and i don’t even like oatmeal cookies!” and we’re back to square one. story of my life. goodbye cookies


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