oh hey valentines day!

this time last year you gave me my biggest day ever!!!naked truffles

i had the most page views to date, i hope you help me do that again this year! what’s funny about that is all you sexy ladies (and a few manly men) all have your own valentines, why weren’t you loving up on on them? i hope it’s because you were making those yummy rice krispy treats!

truffle swimming

to come full circle from last year, i would never have made it on the bachelor! sean is a major cutie, but i don’t have nearly enough sad stories, trama, drama, and just all around crazy to be on the show. i would be the most boring person! hello, the highlight of my weekend was eating shitty froyo! i mean tierra has a heart tattoo on her ring finger, how would i compete with that? tierra please go home tonight!truffle drying station

back to the baking, here’s a little somethin somethin to make your valentine and impress them. who doesn’t like cookie dough? oh you don’t? you should unsubscribe then, it’s never going to work between us. oh wait you do love cookie dough? good! i like you too!

sweet lova lova chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

i love chef in training, she’s so cute and all of her stuff is super easy and yummy! follow her recipe! cookie dough truffles

looking forward to my valentine, hunky baked spaghetti boy, to finally be back in the same hemisphere! xoxo

happy valentines day loves!!



  1. Yuuummmmmm. Save some for the weekend!

  2. Look amazing! Cannot wait to try these 🙂

  3. wow. major sugar rush!! 🙂

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