froyo connoisseur

i couldn’t wait for you all any longer. i said i wanted to try out the new froyo spot by my house and y’all kept draggin your feet, so i went without you. sorry. i had two excuses for why today was the perfect today to try the place out, i had the most awkward encounter EVER today (not at the froyo place) and the premature celebration of the soon arrival of a certain someone!!! two real good excuses right?!shitty froyo

i’ve told you all before how i feel about froyo so you know what i was looking for when i walked in.  to be nice, this place sucked. and i had super high hopes because it’s named after my favorite jelly belly. if you said buttered marshmallow, take 2 minutes and think if anyone would name their froyo place “buttered marshmallow”. that’s a big NO. i got the closet thing to cake batter they had, red velvet, and since i’m never one to only get 1 flavor, i also put some pomegranate in there since everything else just didn’t sound good. i mean if i wanted original tart i would have just had a thing of yogurt at home.

the toppings, i do love fruit and they had like every type of fruit, so i can’t complain about that. but as for the other stuff, they had oreos but it looked like someone in the back had licked all the filling out of them. they also had mochi, which i love, but it was so tough. noooo fruity pebbles, no cereals even and the sprinkles were out of a target container? how do you not have sprinkles, wha?!?!

as for the topping toppings, they had the usual chocolate syrup, but they also had these weird bottle with not english lettering on them, and i was scared of them. and trust me, i live in the melting pot of cultures so i’ll try unusual things, but what could have possibly be in those?!

looks like i’ll be headed back to the OG of froyo, sweet frog! or perhaps i’ll give the new menchi’s down the street a chance.


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