double (more like a triple) feature

sean two nights this week? yes please!oh snap

(yeah, that happened!)

when your life is as lame as mine, these types of things are the highlight of your week. cute boy to look at, dumb girls to laugh at, and now i have the urge to go to montana! do we think this will be the week tierra finally goes home? please yes!

want to hear about the triple feature i made for a grown women’s sleepover this weekend? sean 3 times this week would be too much.triple threat

again, my life is lame so i’ve been pinning a lot. like a lot. i keep seeing these crazy cookie, oreo, brownie bars. STOP IT. like all of my favorite baked goods in one place. the only thing that could make it better is to top it with ice cream. UGH. make. it. stop. i have got to get off pinterest.

i didn’t know that i was going to an all girls sleepover. another one of those moments when i don’t know my audience. if i had known, i would have made like tiny cookies or brought a veggie platter. ew i just threw up a little when i typed veggie platter. but i would have done something more chicks-on-a-diet-only-eating-500-calories-a-day thing. but luckily, this group was my type of ladies, and downed them!! thanks girls!!!so much lovin

make these for that manly man you’ll be snuggling with next thursday! he’s going to love them and they’re like super easy but so yum!

triple feature mini cups or bar!

1 package prepared cookie dough (pillsbury worked)

1 package double stuffed oreos

1 box brownie mix, prepared according to box

preheat oven to 350 degrees. prepare mini muffin tins (or 9×13) with non-stick flour spray, cover just the bottom of prepared pan with a thin layer or cookie dough. cut oreo into 4 pieces (leave whole if making a pan full) and place 1/4 on top of cookie dough. cover with brownie mix.

for mini muffins: bake for 18 min. let cool in pan for 5 min, transfer to cooling rack.

for pan: bake for 30 min, remove and cover with aluminum fool and return to oven for 20 min. let cool for 30 min and serve. middle will be doughy, but go ahead and eat it anyway!finished triple feature


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