sunday funday

sundays really are the best when you don’t have to work the next day!

i have managed to pack a lot into 1 day, especially considering i didn’t wake up till until 11:00. how old am i?

cold season

it involved a lot sleeping, a lot of JT’s new amaze single and it’s taking a lot of sudafed.  i believe this would be cold 3 of the season.jogging

i couldn’t let the cold hold me back from taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going for a little jog along the river and watching all the tour buses head in for that little silly thing that’s going on tomorrow downtown.


and i’ve managed to make about 30 quarts of popcorn, and these new super skinny muffins. tell you all about them tomorrow.

the only thing that’s missing from this sunday funday? a little booze! is that a dumb idea when you have a cold? i’ll also let you know all about that tomorrow! off to watch tom brady flip that sexy hair around and toss the ball!

happy sunday funday loves!!!



  1. Ann Marie says:

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. : ) but I thought of you when i saw this recipe: Let me know how they come out. It is Girl Scout cookie season, ya know?!

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