southern delicacies: sean & sweet potatoes

in honor of our new hunky bachelor sean… let’s talk southern again. oh pearl's!i know i subjected you to a southern delicacy, ok i don’t know if it’s a delicacy but you know what i mean, yesterday with the divinity, but i just have one more. i visited one of my girls in richmond before christmas and went to this AMAZE cupcake shoppe, pearl’s. ok let me set the picture for you…

it’s a sunny crisp fall day, you’re sitting in an adorable shabby chic cupcake shoppe with one of your besties, after a day of mimosas and shopping. you sink your teeth into the fluffiest marshmallow buttercream and the moistest (yeah, that’s a word. i just made it!) sweet potato cake you’ve ever tasted!  oh and did i mention the marshmallow fluff in the middle? stop it. *drooling all over my computer* i’m pretty sure my whole world just stopped, like time froze in that moment. shut the front doornow i’ve had a lot of cupcakes in my time, georgetown cupcake, sprinkles, magnolia bakery, hello cupcake. i mean, i’ve tried a lot of cupcakes, and this cupcake is by far in my top 3, it may even be #1. and you should know by now that i “love” a lot of things. like i say “love” like it’s nbd, but i LOVE this cupcake. alright fine, this cupcake is my all time fave!!

well i  hope our boy sean finds the type of LOVE i feel for this dang sweet potato cupcake. because if he does, he’ll LOVE them for life.

i love you sean. i. could. die.

no, no i don’t. that one was excessive. i’m going to stop LOVING everything. nah, i got a lot of love in here!!! how am i ever supposed to stop loving candles, chapstick, my kitchen aid, the chase man, monograms? it’s just not going to happen!

lastly, my money is on desiree. get it girl!!! and tierra, grow up and go away, ew. ew, like i ew double chocolate cupcakes. why? too much chocolate!

love your faces!!! A, you best bring me one for homecoming weekend!!!



  1. Yuuuuuuuum! I think I can arrange to get some Pearl’s!


  1. […] time i went to visit my girlfriend in richmond, she took me to pearl’s. life changing cupcakes i tell you. well they did it again. this time i went straight for the […]

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