back at it

please tell me you’re already over your new years resolution?!photo 2[1]

no? fine. whatever. looks like you’ll have to stop reading these post until say feb? or if you’re really dedicated, march. for the rest of you, hello! i love you!

we’re right back at it with baking. no, wait, it’s not baking, but we are talking sweets again! i made this one last year and it was such a crowd pleaser that i had to do it again last weekend for the family get together. speaking of…photo 1[1]

my baby cousin got engaged on christmas. so naturally everyone in my family likes to shove it in my face that i’m apparently going to be the oldest person in the whole entire world to get married… if i get married. who are these people who call themselves my family?! i legally cannot put myself up for adoption because you know, i’m over the age of 18, but i’m seriously considering it. photo 3[1]

back to the sweets. divinity. it has to be a southern thing because all these northerners look at me like i’ve smoked some drugs when i bring it up. if you don’t know what divinity is, it’s like, well, divinity! ugh it’s so good, don’t worry about what’s in it, just know it’s little pieces of fluffy clouds with crunchy salted pecans on top. do you love icing? you’ll love this, trust me. if you’re one of those aliens who “don’t like sweets” why do you even read my blog? you’re seriously wasting your time on here.

if you are like me and you have to have it right now. call me. i will make it and bring it to your house and sit on your couch and stuff my face with you and talk about how you don’t know how you were living without this all your life. photo 4[1]

yeah it’s that good.

my girl paula really knows how to make it, so follow her recipe for mama’s divinity. photo 5[1]

see you tomorrow for bachelor mondays. be prepared to tell me who your money is on at the end of the episode!



  1. jeanette blaylock says:

    Bring me some, NOW. Or next time you come to RVA to visit Adrienne. And, I’ll give you one of my APPLE DAPPLE CAKES 🙂
    And, yes, I am not really a sweet eater.

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