2012 ice cream cake closeout

i’m sorry i’ve left you hanging my loves, lets catch up!

since we last talked i have…
– continued to be bullied by friends and family about my losing cookies. i am literally never entering a baking context again.
– “celebrated” being in my late 20s, if that is something to celebrate?
– realized that i am in deed old, as the highlight of my christmas was receiving a griddle and a new knife set. like one for the kitchen, not the bathroom?!
– gained about 15 lbs in booze, cookies, and christmas crap!
– taught my nephew how to make a duck lip face and a mustache. these are life lessons that he will use for years!

look forward to big things in 2013 from domesticourted! i will redeem myself for the losing cookies and get back on top! plus my favorite mon night blogging starts in jan… bachelor mondays with domesticourted!

to close out 2012, i’m going out with a bang. with like a totally inappropriate, totally unseasonal, and definitely called-for ice cream cake!

just because its freezing out doesn’t mean you can’t eat ice cream, and when we needed a quick treat to enjoy while we watch the redskins clench the NFC east, this was it! HTTR!!!

it’s so easy it’s stupid, ice cream cake
1 package double stuffed oreos
1/2 stick butter
1 1/2 carton of vanilla ice cream, softened
1 bottle chocolate magic shell
1 tub cool whip

pulse oreos in food processor until broken up into pieces but not into a oreo dust. melt butter and mix in oreos. spread oreos into bottom of 9×13. cover oreos with ice cream then drizzle magic shell on top. once magic shell is hardened, cover with cool whip and top with sprinkles. place in freezer for 30 min to harden then serve.

happy new years! i love your faces!!


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