arlington amateur hour

so as some of you know from my facebook, i’m a real 1[1]

no, like i’m really a loser. as in i entered an amateur cookie bake off…and lost.

we’re going to quentin tarantino this and just cut to the chase. 3rd place went to a nutella chocolate chip cookie with sea salt (which was actually made by 2 different girls), 2nd place was a kitchen sink cookie, which is a chocolate chip cookie with pretzels, rice krispies, butterscotch chips, potato chips, basically everything but the kitchen sink. and 1st place was a shortbread cookie with a reese buttercup in the middle. photo 2[1]

there were 28 different cookies, and they were judged on taste, texture, and presentation. the judges were 3 males.

now i maybe proabably am bias, but come on. a kitchen sink cookie? let’s talk about the texture on that one? too much going on in my mouth. also did i just cut my mouth on the unexpected pretzels and potato chips? and a reese’s inside a shortbread cookie? real 3[1]

this all took place over a week ago, and i’m clearly still not over it. lesson learned though, when two of your super opinionated critics ask you “what are you going to do if you don’t win” take their advice and figure it out so you’re not sitting there with your mouth on the floor because you just lost to a bunch on amateurs.

this cookie bake off just set me back years in opening my own 4[1]

once i’m over it, i’ll let you know what i actually made, that obviously didn’t win.



  1. Bette Walker Clack says:

    Yea what a stretch to put a reese cup in the middle of a shortbread cookie? Did they run out of hershey’s kisses?? And I agree about the sink cookie…anyone can tell you that too many tastes and textures will ruin anything because it distracts your tastebuds which confuses your brain and you don’t know what the hell you just ate…


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