don’t worry girl, i got you

i keep hearing all about these “friendsgivings” that are popping up and everyone and not their mother is going to. (hence the whole “friend” part)

well i don’t know if this is the right dish for you to bring to that. if your friends are as classy as mine, this one wouldn’t fly.

but it would at… a tailgate, a football party, a tacky christmas sweater party, your bff’s birthday party this weekend, a new years party, a superbowl party. do you get where i’m going with this? anywhere you need to bring something with you!

when i went home for the chase man’s 2nd birthday i made a new best friend at another friend’s 30th birthday party. if i didn’t know any better and she didn’t already have a boyfriend, i would say we were soul mates! she’s equally as lazy efficient as i am at cooking/baking. she had all these amazing recipes that take zero time and about zero effort. so i think we’re best friends now! sarah, start a blog, i’ll follow it!!!

so this is not an entrée, but it is one hell of a dip! and when you see all it entails, you’ll thank me later! this one is going to take you all of 2 minutes to prepare, and cost you all of 5 dollars to make.

super classy, unless they know the recipe, super trashy chili cheese dip

1 16 oz box velveeta, cubed

2 cans hormel turkey chili

1 can rotel (diced tomatoes with green chilis), drained

1 tbsp red pepper flakes

2 tbsp hot sauce of choice (i used tabasco’s chipotle hot sauce)

combine all ingredients in crock pot stir, let melt on low for 1 hr. stir and serve with tortilla chips.

the part that takes the longest is opening the three cans! whala!



  1. I have mad this with sauteed spicy sausage! it is awesome!!!

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