penthouse living!

does all my moving drive you nuts?

i’ve now given you a peak into 3 of my apartments. we have to be best friends at this point. like friends enough that if you were in dc you would totally tell me and we would totally hangout and drink lots of wine and bake lots of cookies, and yes we could go see all the monuments in dc.

so i’m not kidding when i say “penthouse living,” i’m on the 17th floor of a 17 story building! now you want to come to dc and stay with me don’t you?! not so fast, did i mention it’s a studio? not a lot room for company, but if you come right now i’ll have plenty of room because i’m couchless. just living the dream in the big city (right outside the big city, dc living is not for me).

uh it’s been so long since i’ve lived by myself, and it’s AMAZING!! i had 11 different roommates in college, and 6 since i’ve been out of college, it was time for me to live by myself! and this new place is my favorite, it’s only 610 sqft, but those are allllll mine!

so i mentioned one of my fancy meals i make as a single lady and i got quite a few questions about it. so what is the first meal i made in my new place, my fancy kraft deluxe deluxe mac’n cheese! all you need to know about it is, 15 minutes, mac’n cheese, bacon, oh boy! starting things off on the right foot in the new digs!

 fancy kraft deluxe deluxe mac’n cheese

1 box kraft deluxe mac’n cheese

1/3 lb ground turkey

1 can rotel (diced tomatoes with green chillies)

1/2 tbsp  crushed red pepper

6 strips cooked bacon

prepare mac’n cheese according to box. while noodles are cooking brown ground turkey in pan on medium/high heat. once browned continue for 5 minutes, drain juices when done.

drain noodles and return to pot. add ground turkey, rotel, crushed red pepper, and bacon, mix.

serve immediately and enjoy! you put together a delicious mac’n cheese in 15 minutes. now sit back and relax because you just won wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband of the week!

i’ll try and remember to take a picture of my view and share it with you tomorrow!



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