hurricane sandy survival kit

i have a couple things we need to talk about…

1. this “hurricane” is about the weakest hurricane i have ever lived through. and i’ve lived through quite a few, seeing as i grew up in va beach and all. i mean it’s raining, and yeah, its windy but it’s not a real hurricane until you have no power, no running water, and have to live off a generator for a week. that’s all i’m saying.

2. if this was a real hurricane and let’s say “shit got real” i wanted to make sure i had a good final meal. so what did i eat at lunch? mcdonalds!!! if i lived near a wendy’s i would have gotten a #8 (if you don’t know what a #8 is without looking at the menu, we probably wouldn’t make it as friends. sorry.) but a double cheeseburger mighty kids meal was just as delicious!

3. i’m moving, again. i believe this will be my 4th test kitchen since being friends with you all. i have a problem. it’s called, i love change! and i did something outrageous this time around. i signed a 2 year lease. whoa, i am growing up!

glad i got that off my chest. now do you need to make something while you’re sitting inside during this hurricane? this is part of your hurricane sandy survival kit.

do you have the follow 3 ingredients (you better, these are pantry staples people) oreos, marshmallows, butter? and you need like 2 minutes of your life.

you had to answer yes to all 4, if you didn’t to 1 of them, get in your car and go get the others. if you live on the east coast, be careful. if you live in north dakota, put a jacket on. if you live in florida, i hate you, go outside and tan instead! and who doesn’t have 2 spare minutes?

i don’t even know what to call these besides the easiest, bestest, yummiest, gooiest, treat ever! they don’t look like much but they are. so. damn. delicious! it’s like a rice krispy treat but with oreos instead, hello!!!

oreo cloud treats

1 package oreos (you know i’m going to use double stuff, but it’s your world)

1 bag marshmallows (i used jumbo, go big or go home is my motto)

4 tbsp butter

line 8×8 with foil. set aside.

place oreos in food processor to crush, just pulse a couple times. you don’t want the oreos to be dust, just broken up.

melt marshmallows and butter in microwave safe bowl for 1 1/2 minutes. once puffed add oreos and mix.

let stand for as long as you can take it, try to wait like 10 minutes so they can harden.

now eat the whole 8×8 and tell me how good they were!!!



  1. No tanning in Florida today- way too cold (65 degrees :). Stay safe, thinking of you and everyone in VA Beach.
    – Allison

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