summer in september recap

i think a little recap is in order since i’ve left you all hanging for a month. in my defense i was squeezing summer for every last drop i could get.

if you remember from my last post i said we still had time to…

sip on margaritas


heat up the grill


and let ice cream drip down our hands, or in this case, paws. for foster’s birthday!


and it really wasn’t over until the fat lady(s) ran!


all that fun-ness happened at the beginning on the month and then what did i do? extended my summer in florida with the family, and you know what that means?! i got to hangout with my favorite!!!

this is the chase man’s “excited” face!

so now summer is over, on to fall baking? hello cornbread, pumpkin any and everything, hot cocoa, and nutmeg!



  1. Aunt Rhonda says:

    OK, I’ll bite: what’s “943” ?


  1. […] lining… summer’s really not over for me! you know my family loves to go to florida AFTER summer!!! they’re so smart! i am nothing like them! baked spaghetti will be back to the […]

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