how did i let this happen?!

you know what i realized last night. summer is over.

okay maybe yours isn’t, but mine totally is. wedding this weekend in charlottesville, wedding next weekend in pittsburgh, va beach for half marathon the following weekend?

what? how could i have let this happen?!?! i feel like i maximized my time at the pool and beach. but if i had made this realization last weekend i would have cancelled all plans and sat with my ukrainian lifeguard all weekend. and now i need to kick it into high gear and start blogging everyday so you can make all the summer recipes i made.

you might remember my obsession with zest last year, well guess what. i still am obsessed! and you know what else i’m obsessed with? well let me name a few things…

ryan lochte, my nephew, sun, funfetti anything, peonies, crystal light packets, eos chapstick, watches, and lemon bars!

didn’t have time to make lemon bars last night, plus they don’t travel well, but you know what i did have time to make? lemon bar puppy chow. you don’t even know about lemon bar puppy chow, it’s like someone dropped a pan of lemon bars and just threw them into a plastic baggie.

so here’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to “like” this post, then you’re going to make this puppy chow, then you’re going to make this sangria (yes people you can make it on a saturday, even though i called it “sunday sangria” live a little), then you’re going to put all that in your cute little beach bag and go sit by the pool all day, you only have two weekends left after this to go. so do it!

if you don’t have a pool come to mine, the lifeguard and i are bffs now, just tell him you’re with me, it’s cool. please do this for me since i can’t. i’ll love you forever.

lemon bar puppy chow

5 cups chex cereal

5 squares almond bark

1 lemon, juice and zest

2 cups powdered sugar

place cereal in large bowl. in separate bowl combine almond bark, zest of 1 whole lemon, juice of 1 whole lemon, follow directions on almond bark for melting in microwave. mix.

meanwhile place powdered sugar in gallon plastic baggie and set aside.

pour almond bark mixture over cereal. toss to coat. pour cereal mixture into plastic baggie, close bag, shake to coat.

enjoy, or put it in the refrigerator for a chilled taste. this is how i prefer it!

goodbye summer. nnoooooo it’s not time for pumpkin spice lattes, i want more margaritassssss in my belly.


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