pardon the minor summer break

first my excuse was lack of new recipes and now it’s going to be, well, summer! it’s been so amazingly hot, why would i stay in and bake when i can be baking my skin to a beautiful bronze?!?! relax, i wear sunscreen (not oil), sometimes a visor, and i’m not at tanorexic, i only lay out in the summer and am pale the rest of the year.  besides what beats sitting by the pool or on the beach reading and drinking ice-cold crystal light?!?! i’ll answer that, nothing!

i thought i was being a loser because i kept going to va beach every weekend but when you have this to hang out with…

or if this was your parent’s backyard…

wouldn’t you go go home every weekend? i’ll answer that for you, yes!

and i lied, i have been baking!

cupcakes of summer

funfetti with fresh strawberry puree buttercream and SPRINKLES!!!

white cupcake with buttercream frosting. tried to get them to look like crumbs! i failed didn’t i?

more later this week on what else i’ve been up to. i’ll give you a hit, i smashed some fruit one day, got out a crock pot another, and got inspired by the beach!!!

until then, enjoy the chase man eating a lime!

ugh, i can’t get enough of him!!!


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