warming up the house

no i didn’t lose my ac like everyone else in dc did last friday with the most random storm. and it took me a while to figure out if i should entitle this “house warming” because some people up here still don’t have ac back, yikes! and i don’t think they appreciate this title either.

oh well, my roommate’s gone, if you don’t have ac back yet you can come spend the night with me. only if you make me breakfast in the morning!

when most people lost power on friday i was putting the final touches on this beautiful masterpiece.

my sister and brother-in-law just moved into their new house, mind you this is their second home (they’re only 30 people!!!) they purchased. i’ll be lucky if i can afford a house up here in the next 20 years!!! anyway, back to them. since they still live in va beach and would have the beachiest house, i thought i would make them a little something for their move in.

how’d i do?

and as promised yesterday, here’s my instagram pick from 4th of july! just me with some of my favorites!

and while we’re on the subject, america, we love you! but… can you plan your birthday party to not be smack dab in the middle of the week? how are we supposed to celebrate you the correct way, with bud heavy in american flag cans, if you’re on a wednesday? try and be on a friday or monday next time so we can have a real bbq.

that’s all. thanks america!



  1. 1) Love the Sorgen masterpiece
    2) I’m glad someone got a photo of our patriotism! So cute!
    3) 4th of July on Wed was the biggest tease ever. These last two days at work have been torture


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