happy 4th of july!

don’t judge, i’m sweating every last ounce of sunscreen off right now at the pool. ugh va beach this is when i miss you the most!!! its only like 100 degrees here in dc! and since I said dc you might be wondering if i will be watching our nation’s capital fireworks (or that might not have even crossed your mind)? the answer is, yes, yes i will! via bike across the potomac river! it’s going to be amazing, maybe I’ll take an instagram pic and share it with you!

but how are you feeling about my 4th of july version of america nails?!?! It was easier than my memorial day nails! but still so festive!

man I have gotten lazy this summer! with the blogging though, not the baking! I’ve gotten into a rut that I keep baking the same things, and y’all don’t want to see me post the same things over and over again. i promise to get better today after the pool and make something new and exciting! and if I doesn’t happen today definitely this weekend.

let’s be real, i’ll probably leave the pool and have a nice refreshing cocktail. and unlike so many others drinking and baking don’t really mix well in my apartment!

happy 4th y’all!



  1. I love this mani! Happy 4th!

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