pancake saturday

a little special someone came to visit me this weekend. he maybe the cutest but he is the pickiest eater. the kid doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese! how is he related to me?!?!

there are three things he loves though, pizza, bananas, and anything sweet! since he has years to develop a love for cold pizza and he had already eaten a banana, i figured the perfect breakfast for him would be, cake batter pancakes!

i think he loved them! what do you think?

i can’t believe it, but i’ve never made pancakes before. weird right? my mom had to teach me this weekend, haha. but her pancakes came out a little on the eh side. come on mama domesticourted! you and pop domesticourted make them all the time!!!

if i can whip them up on a saturday morning after a long run, you can do it too.

i got the recipe from a blog i follow, and by follow i mean, i’m obsessed with! if you don’t follow how sweet it is, start. she is hilarious and i want to be best friends with her. beyond that all of her recipes sound and look delicious!! seriously, start following her!

follow her recipe and make sure to add lots of sprinkles, it makes them so much more fun!!

plus if this picky little guy will eat them, anyone will!!

on a bachelorette note: emily i still don’t like you, but thank you for sending ryan home. he was a d*%^@. now i just need my boy chris to stay around until the end so he can be the next bachelor and i can be on it and date him!



  1. Dessert for breakfast? what a lucky boy! he is too cute! Great idea, i know we both love anything funfetti-esque!

  2. Your little one’s so cute!

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