froyo: only the self serve kind though

all these stupid froyo places where they determine how much yo you are going to get and *gasp* put the toppings on for you, need to go away.

a couple years back i was introduced to skinny dip in va beach, and then yo mo in raleigh and ever since i’ve been on the hunt to find one here in dc. a self-serve (not to be confused with soft serve) frozen yogurt joint where you pull the lever on the froyo and you put the toppings on yourself.

all the ones in dc are so schee schee up here with their green tea and original tart flavors. where are all the cake batter and red velvet flavors? and don’t get me started on the toppings. fresh fruit? shaved coconut? pa-lease. i want cookie dough, oreos, and some g d fruity pebbles. is all this too much to ask for?

apparently it was. until today…

behold sweet frog! thank you richmond, va franchise for saving my life and the lives of all the dumpy froyo places around here from me going postal.

you had cake batter froyo, fruity pebbles, and cookie dough.

i love you. i drove 7 miles just to be with you today. i cannot explain my joy that you are opening a store 1.5 miles from my apartment.

now i will go run you off!



  1. […] told you all before how i feel about froyo so you know what i was looking for when i walked in.  to be nice, this place sucked. and i had […]

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