ombre for me madre

you know a french word for my spanish mom?

i made a decision late in the week that i would go home for my mom’s birthday (friday) and mother’s day since my super schee schee sister was off summering in jamaica. yes that is jealously, a lot of it. if you must know, now that i’m single i don’t get invited on couples retreats anymore. i’m confined to the sisters weekends. sigh.

anywho, back to the cake at hand. if she must leave, i decided it would be nice to go spend the weekend with my mom and have my nephew all to myself. and since i can’t go home empty-handed i thought this was the PERFECT opportunity to try my hand at an ombre cake.

dad told me, “blue is your mom’s favorite color, that’s the indecisive color.”  sister told me, “white cake” so i rolled with both and this is what i came up with…

directions and additional pictures are up under the recipe tab “ombre cake tutorial”

oh and btw dad, mom’s favorite color is pink (write that down) and heather, sorry you missed it!

lastly, who’s watching the bachelorette? i know, she’s kind of boring, but do i need to do a monday bachelorette blog? i’m all for wine and food on monday’s to have while i sit on my couch and cringe!


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