derby days

have you any idea what tomorrow is? well let me help you…

cinco de mayo

kentucky derby

game 4: washington capitals vs. ny rangers

a beautiful day in dc!

basically if you’re not drinking tomorrow you’re not living.

while many of you will be drinking margaritas and passing around a sombrero that has been worn by 200 other people. i will be keeping it classy in the plains, va at the virginia gold cup!  i will definitely be sporting this bad boy along with my best lilly pulitzer dress with the vineyard vines bow tie wearing frat boys of america, joy!

i am jealous of all those with margarita in one hand, tortilla chip in the other, but i am looking forward to kicking off the triple crown watching the steeplechase. looks like i’m replacing margaritas and chips with mint juleps and cheese and crackers! i made a little snack to take along and nosh on in between the 10 hrs of open bar! and i mean little snack.

need something super quick to make tomorrow to bring to one of your parties? mini funfetti cookies! so cute right? i managed to make these tonight going off about 10 hrs total sleep this week. they’re easy, you can make them! grab a box of funfetti cake mix, the recipe for the cookies are on the side. follow directions, when measuring out the cookie, use a tbsp scoop and make two cookies out of the scoop instead of one.

tomorrow’s survival kit.

cheers to all of us drinking for one (or all) of tomorrow’s events! i think it’s unofficially summer y’all!


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