eating through the city of angels?

to keep up with my: single girl, will travel status, i took a trip over to california to visit a couple of friends who have transplanted and to well, see LA since i’ve never been! while i did LOVE the weather and the most beautiful landscape, hiking in the mountains in the morning, beach side by afternoon, i don’t think i’m cut out for left coast living. i’m an east coast girl!

i had a couple of missions while i was out in cali, fish tacos and in-n-out burger! and both were everything i had hoped and dreamed for. i had fish tacos from wahoo’s, the mcdonald’s of fish tacos and then from reel inn a popular spot in malibu.

but let’s talk about in-n-out burger for 1 second. so cheap, so packed, so delicious. seriously, if you’re ever near one, stop and eat there. and forget about the drive-in, the one i stopped at on sunset blvd was about 50 cars deep. i got a cheeseburger “animal style” totally worth it, so juicy and fatty and perfect! the fries kind of tasted like cardboard so i wish i had gotten a milk shake instead. but seriously. go to in-n-burger. if you live on the west coast, eat one for me right now!

now let’s talk about some of the breakfast i ate. one of my girlfriends who went to cali last month said “YOU HAVE TO GO TO RANDY’S DONUTs” and she doesn’t mess around with breakfast either so i listened. she’s. so. smart! the donuts melted right in your mouth! another one of my super smart girlfriends came up from san diego and she said “WE HAVE TO GO TO ROSCOES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES” and again another smarty pants. we went to one in west la, which was also visited by my neighbor barack and dang, the waffles were like butter! and as you’ll see from the picture, they come with a whole lb of butter! i don’t know if they put crack in the syrup or what, but next time i’m skippin the chicken and just doing the waffles.

other noshes around town, a cali burrito in venice, duh had to eat eggs and plenty of protein in muscle beach. some fancy nancy ice cream from the farmers market in LA and a burger i could have done without in santa monica from umami burger. warning: if you go to umami burger your burger is going to come out moo-ing. if you’re into that, you’re going to love it. me on the other hand, not so much into it.

lastly, during a 4 hr wait at the airport to come home i had my last meal vacation meal; starbucks skinny vanilla latte and a bacon, egg and cheese croissant. yes people were looking at me taking a picture of this. whatever. i’m on vacation people!

vacation is not for calorie counting! it’s for eating as much of the local food as possible and boozing, because let’s face it, you’re not exercising in the morning!



  1. jeanette - adrienne's mom says:

    great vacation pictures of you AND the food ! How do you not weigh 400 pounds?

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