eating a hole through an apple, the big one to be exact

last weekend i met my sister in nyc for her big 3-0. i’ve been to nyc a couple of times, but haven’t been back in 7 years. we went to places i had never been before like the observation deck of the empire state building, the brooklyn bridge,the high line and every stinkin neighborhood in the damn city.

we also even went to see newsies on broadway, which was AWESOME! if you’ve seen the disney movie or not it’s still a great broadway show to see. plus it’s easier to get tickets to than the book of mormon!











the best part of nyc though has to be the 13,000 restaurants and eateries it has to offer. we ate all over the place, but we still didn’t even put a dent in the city. check out some of the great things we ate around the city.

we started off with a great little grilled cheese spot outside 53rd and lexington, melt shop, and then continued on the cheese train at s’mac.

of course we had to try mario batali’s eataly in the flat iron district. we were told to go to kefi, where has amazing greek food, and we tried octopus, which tasted like butter!! and i know it’s touristy but we fought the crowd at lombardi’s and i can see why it’s still so popular, the pizza is to die.

on my sister’s birthday, after newsies, all she wanted to do was go to serendipity 3 and get the famous frozen hot chocolate. so we did! and we dragged my old college roomie and her beau to join us. and the m&m store is for my chocoholic cousin!

and you know we were going to eat asa much baked goods and sweets as we could! cupcakes in soho, coconut and salted caramel gelato at eataly!

milkshake from stand, cupcakes from magnolia bakery, and donuts from donut plant. all amazing!!!

i really do ❤ ny!



  1. Yum, yum, yum! Makes me want to go back!

  2. jeanette - adrienne's mom says:

    OMG, did you really eat all this? or did you just take pictures so we could all be jealous?

  3. Love it! It was great seeing you. Glad you didn’t go home hungry!

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