all in a days work

ugh, you’ll never guess what i HAD to do at work yesterday. eat desserts. i know it was terrible, all i wanted to do was leave.

come on you know that’s not true!

one of clients is this great little bakery in arlington, cafe assorti. they have sweet and savory pastries that are traditional european and asian recipes. the owners are from kazakhstan and are so sweet and adorable. both of the cakes i tried were great and so light, not like any other cakes i’ve ever had.

they did give me the left overs, do i still have them? of course not! i ate the rest of them as soon as i got home!

since i ate all of my cakes and wanted something sweet right now guess what i went with?








these bad boys. yes i’m in my 20s. yes i wish i was still 15. yes i do this because my mom doesn’t live here to tell me what to do. yes they are delicious still. and yes you are jealous!

lastly, what am i supposed to watch on tv now that the bachelor is off? sigh.


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