anything you can do i can do better

let’s be serious, that is not true. pinterest is a prime example of that. their pictures are beautiful, mine are well, different! i did however eat some fish tacos at baja fresh and said to myself, yep i can definitely do better than that.

it took a couple of steps to get there. part 1: you’ve got to find a good looking fishy, part 2: make a killer sauce, part 3: marinate cabbage part 4: make a killer tortilla. i wish i could say it’s an easy dinner to pump out, but it’s just a lot, unless you already have the sauce made, have fresh fish, have cabbage (do people keep this item in their fridge?) and already have tortillas made (if you’ve ever made tortillas you’ll never go back to store bought) see what i mean?

my favorite part about these, besides the fact that mine dominate baja fresh’s and are healthish (the flour tortilla added about 400+ calories) is that the whole time i was making the fish all i could remember was the good ole virginia marine science museum, today it is a huge deal and called the virginia aquarium. back when i was in elementary and middle school i was a volunteer there and we had to go to all these classes about all the animals that were there. in the class about the different fish that had a slide show and all the slides were how to prepare a fish, like to eat. what?!?! i thought we were learning about keeping them alive, not preparing them to eat them. so morbid.

as i was cooking the fish i couldn’t get those slides out of my head. now that i look back at it i wish they had showed us slides of flounder from the little mermaid or of gold fish crackers!

ok focus, back to my fish tacos and how scrumptious they were. i made a traditional california fish taco which has a spicy cream sauce and cabbage. and i’m expert and all because i’ve been to california. no. i’ve never been to cali, but i will be in april!!!

go make them for tomorrow night. you know you don’t have everything to make them tonight!

fish tacos with cilantro lime rice (serves 4)

fish taco sauce (make the night before so flavors can come together)

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup mayo

1/2 lime

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/2 tsp dried dillweed

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/8 tsp chili powder

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp siracha

mix sour cream and mayo. squeeze lime juice and mix. add remaining spices and mix.


follow sam’s flour tortillas recipe for the perfect tortilla.

fish tacos

4 standard size filets of white fish (i used tilapia)

salt and pepper

3 cups cabbage, shredded

2 tbsp veggie oil

1/2 lime

salt and pepper both sides of filets.  heat large pan over medium heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray. place fish in pan and cook for 4-5 minutes each side, no longer. you want a filet that will flake with a fork, and that’s all it takes.

in medium bowl mix cabbage with oil and juice of lime.

to assemble taco, use 1/2 a filet per tortilla, and place pieces of fish down center of tortilla. top fish with 1/4 cup cabbage and place a line of sauce on top of cabbage. serve with lime wedges to squeeze over taco.

cilantro lime rice (think chipotle’s rice)

3 cups basmati rice, cooked

1/2 lime

1/4 cup fresh cilantro

2 tsp veggie oil

in medium bowl combined cooked rice, (i cheated and used the microwave kind!) juice of lime, cilantro, and oil, toss until completely mixed. add salt to taste.

and make sure to wash all of this down with a nice cold margarita!


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