whoopies for soon-to-not-be-bachelor ben

come on, if you’ve been reading my monday bachelor blog post you know i’m not a fan of ben. hello, i am way better than that courtney!! but i did make some killer whoopie pies for the season finale!

if you’re a first time reader i will tell you, i’m all about another certain bachelor, the pillsbury dough boy to be exact. if you need to know why, it started here and then i took it to here. anyway i kind of found another way to use him and i hate to say it but he kind of needed his wingmen to get me this time, butter and shortening! but together the three of them KILLED IT. i never use caps, but they’re definitely needed for this.

whoopie pies are great and all, but i’m from the south, not the north where they originated with marshmallow fluff in the middle. why put marshmallow in the middle when you can put butter and shortening?!?! now see where the southerness is coming in to play?

for my funfetti whoopie pies i just followed my devils’s food whoopie pie recipe and instead used a box of pillsbury yellow cake mix and threw in 3-4 tbsp of sprinkles! and they only take about 10 minutes, don’t over cook and burn them like i did the first batch.

everyone is different about buttercreams but i swear by a butter/shortening mix, and that’s what i put in mine. uh they are so light and fluffy and delicious. i. could. die!

now, for after the final rose!!! bachelor ben, never a dull monday when you’re around!!!


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