a monday full of bachelors

well it’s monday, and most people don’t look forward to monday, but the bachelor makes me look forward to monday! so i as sit here about to turn it on and cringe as ben makes terrible decisions, i need a little something to snack on. when you live alone sometimes dinner time = snack time!

the bachelor made me think of another little bachelor who i rely so heavily on. i bet you can’t guess who i’m talking about… that little dough boy again, duh! i talk about him all the time and he has so many great qualities, as a cake, as a cookie, in rice krispies, in batter balls, and now in chex cereal! it’s like the many faces of the dough boy. plus he’s totally single too, right? he’s not married to mrs. butterworth’s because he would always incorporate her but he doesn’t. he’s not married to aunt jemima because they are kind of rivals. so i’m just going to say he’s single.

i think mr. husband-one-day will have to be like him. be able to adapt and fit into different scenarios, be able to cook, and well just be happy. i could do without the whole poke in the belly and giggle thing though, too much. but total bonus if he can wear the chef hat as well as the dough boy!

back on track, back to the err baking? more like shaking!!

cake batter puppy chow

5 cups chex cereal

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 1/2 cups funfetti cake mix

10 oz almond bark

place chex in large bowl. mix powdered sugar and cake mix in gallon plastic bag and shake to mix. melt almond bark according to directions.

once melted pour bark over cereal and quickly coat cereal completely. working quickly pour coated cereal in plastic bag and shake to coat cereal with cake and sugar mix.

after i take a good sampling, just to make sure it taste good, i put it in the fridge because i like to eat it cold, but that’s just me. and i’m clearly not normal, i’m comparing my future husband to the pillsbury dough boy!!!

now ben, please don’t keep courtney, she’s crazy!



  1. It starts here in 15 minutes!!!!
    Looks delish. Mind if I help myself?

  2. Sounds delicious, never tried to make puppy chow but this sounds too good not to try. Can’t wait for the bachelor tell all!


  1. […] pillsbury dough boy to be exact. if you need to know why, it started here and then i took it to here. anyway i kind of found another way to use him and i hate to say it but he kind of needed his […]

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