boot logic

for some reasons in all the moves i made in my short time in dc i always seem to find a place with ampble closet space. and boy do i need it, between clothes, shoes, baking supplies, and different odds and ends. my closet it where everything always seems to go. a girl that was over last night said to me  “oh my gosh courtney you have so many nic nacs.” thanks! i guess?

i’ve been fighting with my oversize closet to maximize the space and last night i figured it out! yes i am in my 2os and single and i stayed in on a friday night to organize my closet! what do you want from me? i have a head cold and can’t taste, smell, or hear anything and have the worst stuffed up nose. i’d be a blast at a bar!

i was stuggling with the boots, they won’t stay up, take up too much space in a drawer, and don’t fit on a shelf. how do the stores do it? that’s when i remembered nordstrom’s shoes sale and them hanging *lightbulb* so practical for my closet. and whala!


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