new year + new kitchen = year of baking

test 3.0 is now in full use. she’s a beautiful one, crisp and clean white and is roomier than the last. in my previous post the last 3 recipes were all performed in my new kitchen. i made a lot of moves (literally) in 2011, and i plan to stay in this one until i can buy my own and put beautiful granite countertops and a wonderful wolf range in it (oh to day dream)!

i’m so thankful that i have so many friends and coworkers and roommates that love to eat all my food and be all my wonderful critics and make me want to keep baking!

happy new years and i look forward to sharing it with all of you in 2012!



  1. […] now given you a peak into 3 of my apartments. we have to be best friends at this point. like friends enough that if you were in dc you […]

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