holiday baking review

since it’s too late to say “great recipes for christmas” this will just have to be a review. the good news is everything i made can be used all winter long, not just for the holidays.

i don’t know where you live but in virginia i don’t think snow is in our near future, but if it was, i would make all of this again on my snow day, and you should too!

first up… egg nog cupcakes

why is bitting the head off a gingerbread man so morbid but so hilarious? 90% of people bite his head off first, I’m part of that percentage!


you won’t find the recipe on here because they looked better than they tasted, but it you have a recipe please share. i love egg nog and i love cupcakes so hopefully your recipe was better than mine. i did whip up a bangin’ rum buttercream that saved them though!

next up: chocolate peppermint cake pops

these were so easy and look just like the starbucks’ cake pops. starbucks uses brownies, but i just used chocolate cake mix since they make more. dipped them in white chocolate and then rolled them in crushed up candy canes immediately after.

the egg nog cupcakes and chocolate peppermint cake pops where the first round of holiday baking. for the next round i started with my easy go to, caramel corn.

to keep with the holiday theme and to use more of my candy canes, i drizzled white chocolate mixed with more crushed up candy canes to make a peppermint caramel corn. it may not sound good, but it definitely was.

since they are a fan favorite, i whipped up some whoopie pies

"please don't look at me, i'm naked"

i put a peppermint buttercream in the middle

"at least let me put on my undies"

i still had a couple more candy canes (why i thought the cake pops would take 3 boxes of candy canes, i have no idea) so i thought i would roll some whoopie pies in them as well to make a chocolate peppermint whoopie pie

i wanted to bring one more thing home for christmas and my girl paula deen had just the thing i was looking for. growing up we would go to the pottery outlet in williamsburg and if my sister and i were good we were rewarded with divinity. i’m guess since no one up here in dc has every heard of it it must be a southern thing. it’s basically sugar but it looks and taste like heaven!

i typically only eat 1 of 2 bites of everything i make, otherwise i would be the size of my apartment, but i couldn’t help myself with this divinity, it’s so fluffy!!

i’m assuming if you’re reading my blog you must like baking and desserts, so if you don’t make anything else from my blog, MAKE THIS. it’s not too terribly hard to make, but you will need a candy thermometer and a stand mixer.

happy winter baking!



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